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July 26, 2021

Golden Key Group Announces New Executive Vice President

Golden Key Group Announces New Executive Vice President

Veteran contractor joins GKG Leadership Team

Reston, VA— July 26, 2021—Golden Key Group (GKG), a professional services firm providing workforce optimization solutions, announces the appointment of Jd Walter as Executive Vice President of Solution Optimization and Execution. In this new role, Jd will help drive GKG’s strategic direction and focus on ensuring customers get the best possible solutions.

Jd has decades of experience as a federal contractor, years of service in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and is a Navy veteran. He has supported military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as government modernization programs around the Beltway.

“Jd brings a wealth of knowledge and skills that will drive the strategic direction of our operations,” said GKG’s CEO and founder Gretchen McCracken. “Throughout his career, Jd has established himself as a government shared services expert with a focus on modernization activities that optimize government efficiency. Those skills are invaluable in our line of work.”

Jd will lead the execution of GKG services and solutions, ensuring exemplary performance and that deliverables exceed customer expectations.

“GKG’s commitment to optimize the best performance from a workforce is one that aligns with my passion to create efficient public service,” said Jd. “I’m excited to be joining the leadership team at this point in GKG’s expansion, and ready to embrace the vision that Gretchen has for the future of public and private partnerships.”

Jd has worked with the company since 2019, before joining the leadership team in this new capacity. As a consultant for GKG, he supported contracts with National Institutes of Health (NIH) and General Services Administration (GSA), and most recently served as the Transition Manager for the Department of Commerce (DOC) Personnel Action Request, Payroll, and Benefits (PP&B) Services contract. Among his other duties, Jd will continue to oversee the DOC and GSA programs for GKG.

Jd has a Bachelor of Arts in English from American Military University, a Master of Science in Organization and Management from Capella University, a Master of Public Administration from Walden University, and a Doctor of Philosophy from Walden University.


Since 2002, Golden Key Group has served more than 50 federal departments and agencies, helping customers solve their strategic, operational, and organizational challenges. GKG is Redefining Workforce Optimization™ by integrating human capital, technology, and policy design across the lifecycle of work.

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