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Everybody Matters

GKG went through an extensive survey process with its employees to ensure we know who we are as a company. We asked those in the GKG family: What values are important to us as individuals and as a corporate family and how should they define us in the future? With over 500 values submitted, we found over 80% identifying the same four themes: Leadership, Integrity, Family and Excellence.

GKG Life


Always looking forward, willing to drive change.

Encompasses: Mission, Empowerment, Courage, Drive, Ambition, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Opportunity, Vision, Resourcefulness


Dedicated to doing the right thing, especially when no one is watching.

Encompasses: Trust, Honesty, Honor, Ethics, Dependability, Reliability, Fairness, Accountability


Everybody matters, we succeed together.

Encompasses: Loyalty, Caring, Teamwork, Collaboration, Compassion, Empathy, Understanding, Employee-Focused, Growth, Community, Charitability, Diversity


Excellence – No one demands more from us than we do.

Encompasses: Talent, Dedication, Innovation, Creativity, Customer-Focused, Responsiveness, Focus, Quality, Competence


Join Our Family

Our people are at the center of our success. GKG employees bring the functional expertise imperative for program excellence, while living out the GKG values, every day. Join a team that embraces all the qualities of a family, plus provides professional development and career growth.