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Optimizing the Delivery of Programs

GKG provides a wide range of Acquisition and Category Management Solutions that match customer requirements to the market in an efficient and effective way. Our streamlined approach transforms acquisition, optimizes the delivery of programs, enhances value and savings, and ensures the effective alignment of requirements within markets and supplier performance. Our team has extensive knowledge of supplier management and implementing eCommerce systems that drive transformation in efficiency and outcomes.

Our Services Include
  • Development of Category Strategic Plans.
  • Conducting government-wide contract inventory.
  • Revising Spend Under Management (SUM) maturity model and baseline.
  • Refining and supporting the Best-in-Class (BIC) designation process.
  • Developing an extensive suite of performance management reports.
  • Formalizing and delivering workforce training on category management.
  • Designing and implementing Key Performance Indicators aligned to organizational and program objectives.
  • Creating supporting guidance and training.
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