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Dynamic Workforce Support

GKG works with organizations to ensure the effective and efficient management of a customer’s workforce, optimizing productivity now and in the future. With more challenges and complexities in talent management than ever before, GKG’s vast experience and expertise in federal Human Capital is critical. From succession planning to performance improvement initiatives, GKG is your one-stop-shop for all your Human Capital needs.

Our Services Include
  • Organizational Performance and Performance Improvement Initiatives.
  • Strategic Human Capital Planning, Policy Development, Alignment and Implementation Support.
  • Workforce Planning, Competency Development, Performance Management and Succession Planning. 
  • Human Capital Framework Support and Pre-OPM Auditing Services.
  • Human Capital Analytics, Benchmarking and Metrics.
  • Talent Pipeline Management (Workload Management) (Includes a Hiring Plan, Succession Planning and Retention).
  • Organizational Development, Change Management and Communication Plans. 
  • Program Evaluation Services. 
  • Business Process Redesign.
  • Diversity Hiring Initiatives.
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