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January 4, 2022

Golden Key Group says Farewell to Longtime Employee 

Mitch Thomas was on the ROTC contract for over nineteen years. 

January 4, 2022

GKG says farewell to Joseph “Mitch” Thomas, who served on the Army ROTC contract for over nineteen years. Mitch started working this contract fresh off active duty service in the Army. Fast forward nineteen years and nine months, and he’s known program-wide as the Subject Matter Expert on all aspects of Army ROTC. Thomas is recognized as one of the foundational members of the Army ROTC Program Management Team.    

“The decision to make this move did not come easy to me and my relationship with each colleague made it an even harder decision.  I will truly miss the Team ROTC mission , the camaraderie, and the relationships I have made over the years – I consider every team member a friend and hope our paths will cross somewhere down the road,” said Mitch Thomas.

GKG’s William (Bill) Lukaskiewicz, GKG’s Director of Army Programs, and Ronald Young, GKG’s Vice President of Reserve Component Programs traveled to Fort Knox, KY to bid farewell to Mitch. Bill and Ron, on behalf of GKG, presented Mitch with an American Flag made by Heritage Flag Company. The flags are made from bourbon barrel staves aged for more than a decade.  From the barrels, which take on a life of their own over time, each flag is built by hand – no two flags are alike. The gift is a fitting tribute to Mitch, a Kentuckian, with a one-of-a-kind personality and an unwavering commitment to the Army ROTC Program, which has strong roots in Fort Knox.​

“We wish Mitch, his wife Jodi, and their 3 sons all the best going forward,” said Bill Lukaskiewicz. “Thank you, Mitch, for all you’ve done for the Army ROTC Team, Golden Key Group, and most importantly, the future leaders of the Army.”

Mitch, a Master Sergeant in the Army Reserves, is moving on to an exciting and challenging personnel security role in the Fort Knox area.

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