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Supporting Our Employees

Golden Key Group is committed to high performance through inspiring a diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible culture. We do this by ensuring that employees feel involved in the organization and supported in all areas of the workplace. Our DEIA efforts are not only measured in terms of diversity in representational demographics, but in business results that raise the performance at both the individual and organizational levels.


We employ a workforce reflective of different ethnic backgrounds, genders and physical abilities. Diversity is vital to GKG’s success.


We are committed to equitable opportunity and treatment and the elimination of barriers to personal and professional success.


We are committed to creating a culture where employees feel valued, respected and included.


Acceptance is critical. We’re proactive to ensure accessibility for all, and committed to processing accommodation requests swiftly.

Office Diversity

Of diverse offices outperform competition

Training Programs

More successful in video format than text

Diverse Teams

More effective at decision making

Everything we do around DEIA – from having an executive council, to supporting our ERGs, to performing rigorous organization-wide inclusion assessments – is intentional because we know the effective management of a diverse and inclusive workforce leads to a high-performing organization.

Donnielle DeMesme, VP of Leadership & Development and DEIA

Everybody matters at GKG. We’re still small enough that each person’s individual contributions are acutely felt across the organization.

Phil Moravec, Chief Operating Officer

Golden Key Group is committed to Veterans and understands their worth: infused with solid core values and a sense of purpose. I found the same camaraderie within GKG that I did while serving in the military- team effort, goal oriented and people focused.

Rob Wright, DoD Program Manager

GKG understands the contributions made by our veterans and their families, who are connected by commitment, teamwork, mission accomplishment and dedication. As a result, they make our organization better in every respect.

William Lukaskiewicz, VP of Growth

My favorite thing about GKG is the acceptance of different cultures. On my very first day here, I felt completely comfortable wearing my hair just as it is and not having to do anything special or “corporate” to it. I can just be me.

Angelique Crusoe, Operations Specialist

GKG embraces the authenticity of individuals and allows us to be different in our own way. To me, that is what a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion is all about, acceptance in being ourselves.

Paul Guansing, Senior Instructional Designer

Because of GKG’s commitment to inclusion and culture, it really does feel like family here – and home away from home.

Kayah Brown, Office Manager
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