A smiling man in a blue suit and patterned tie against a plain, light-grey background, representing Human Resources Operations.

Phil Moravec

Chief Operating Officer

Phil Moravec serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Golden Key Group. As COO, Mr. Moravec represents GKG in front of clients and external parties, drives the vision and culture of the company, focuses on company strategy, and fills gaps with process-driven solutions. With plenty of “activation energy” to spare, Mr. Moravec seamlessly brings together and integrates people, functional areas, and task forces to drive progress across the organization. Along with his primary COO duties, Mr. Moravec is GKG’s primary proposal pricer and in charge of GKG’s Quality Management System, including all external and internal quality audits.

Mr. Moravec has been with GKG since June of 2015, beginning his tenure as an Operations Manager. He has certainly worn many hats for GKG during this time, including Executive Vice President, Operations Manager, Director of Quality, Proposal Pricer, SharePoint Administrator, Financial Systems Administrator, and Business Process Developer. These many roles have led to Mr. Moravec being engaged across the company in both big and small ways, providing a nuanced perspective that is the foundation of his leadership style.

Prior to GKG, Mr. Moravec spent a decade in the pharmaceutical industry. He last worked as a Biochemist for Merck & Co. where he was an expert in automated workflows, automated data analysis, control charting, data reporting, and QA. At GKG, Phil has incorporated his data and process-driven experience throughout all business functions supporting current contracts, business development, and company operations.

Mr. Moravec holds a Masters of Science Degree in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University, and two Bachelors of Science Degrees, one in Biochemistry and one in Bioinformatics, from University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.