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March 18, 2022

GKG Sends Off Employee Deploying Overseas

GKG’s DoD Business Analyst, Alexander Tucci, is preparing to deploy overseas at part of his service with U.S. Army Reserves. Alex works in GKG’s Headquarters office in Reston, VA and got an official send-off from employees this week. 

Alex’s Military Journey 

When Alex started his job at GKG in December 2020, he had already spent four years serving our nation in the Army National Guard. In his time with the National Guard, Alex served in a variety of jobs from logistics to Human Resources (HR) in two different states, Vermont and Missouri. Alex then transitioned to serving in the U.S. Army Reserves where he’s currently a Civil Affairs Officer. He drives from D.C. to Virginia Beach for his drills. 

Alex became interested in the military after considering, and then receiving, an Army ROTC scholarship for college. From his 6 AM rut runs after a long week of classes to hiking miles in uniform, it was not easy, but Alex had a positive experience, forming close relationships with students and instructors in his program. 

Photographed: Alex Tucci in his ROTC uniform 

Alex at GKG 

In his year and a half at GKG, Alex has made an incredible impact on the company. Alongside his manager, GKG’s Director of Army Programs, Bill Lukaskiewicz, this dynamic duo has worked hard to create relationships and find new contract opportunities for GKG. Alex brings an inspiring and contagious energy to the company that will be missed when he’s deployed. He is quick to take on a project, help a colleague, and give credit where credit is due. 

Alex has not only been working full time at GKG while traveling to Virginia Beach for his position in the Reserve, but he was also working hard to get his Master’s degree. In December of 2021, Alex received his Master’s of Education in Organizational Leadership and Adult Learning from Park University. 

“See You Later” Farewell from HQ Family 

On March 18th, Headquarters employees gathered to wish Alex good luck on his military deployment. Employees shared stories about Alex and the many things they will certainly miss while he’s gone. Veterans in the company shared their own deployment stories and provided advice.  

Photographed: Bill Lukaskiewicz, Alex Tucci, and GKG Employees  

GKG has always supported our military and veterans. We have an Employee Resource Group, Veterans & Military Affinity Group (VMAG), and have been awarded four different awards for being a veteran-friendly employer. 

GKG wishes nothing but the best to Alex on his journey overseas. At the same time, we’ll be counting down the days until he is home safely and back at work with us!