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October 6, 2021

GKG Employees Walk 300 Miles to Support Military Families

GKG’s focus on our Military and Veterans

GKG has always been steadfast in its support of our military, their spouses and families, and veterans. In fact, GKG originally started as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB), before transitioning to a Women-Owned Small Businesses (WOSBs). And now with 20 years of business under our belt, we’ve grown out of all small business set-asides.

Blue Star Families

When one of GKG’s employees, who is an Army Veteran, approached  CEO, Gretchen McCracken, with her desire to create a team to raise money for military families through a Blue Star Families program, Gretchen couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Many employees learned about the Blue Star Families opportunity and wanted to work together as a company to support the organization. Blue Star Families’ mission is to strengthen military families and connect America to the military. 600,000 military-connected families are required to relocate each year, and studies find that a sense of belonging helps military families thrive in their local communities.

Blue Star Welcome Week Challenge

Blue Star Welcome Week is a national effort to connect military families to their new communities and encourage people across the country to welcome new military families to the area. The Blue Star Welcome Week Challenge is a virtual race where each team has to reach 300 miles collectively in a week.

GKG gathered a team to participate in the Blue Star Welcome Week Challenge. Employees tracked their progress from coast to coast as they ran, walked, volunteered, and even danced their way to get activity in each day.

GKG Finishes On Top

GKG finished Blue Star Welcome Week with flying colors. We are proud to announce that Team GKG was the TOP fundraiser out of all teams in the nationwide race!

Together, GKG’s team of dedicated employees completed 330 miles. GKG employees – those who were in the race team as well as many others, donated a total of $2,000. GKG generously offered to match employee contributions. Ultimately, GKG gave $4,100 to Blue Star Families.

We are proud of our employees’ efforts during Blue Star Welcome Week. Not only for participating in the event, but for seeking out opportunities to help their communities. Congratulations to Team GKG! To learn about Blue Star Families and how you can help with their mission, make sure to check out their official website.